First time floaters

Our team at SOAK Float Center wants to ensure your float is the best it can be — every time. We'll begin with a personalized orientation to answer any questions. We love floating and want you to enjoy all the benefits too!

New clients please arrive 15-20 minutes before appointment. A team member will take you to your personal Float Suite, which includes a private shower and dressing area, and explain how everything works.
After showering you’ll enter into the float tub, which contains just 10 inches of water. Lie back gently, the buoyancy of the water will effortlessly support you.
The light and soundscape fade out, and you're left in a quiet, darkened space, floating in a most relaxing and peaceful environment. Once your session has started you will have access to lights.
Initially, pain or tension in the body may seem more noticeable. This is due to the float’s ability to eliminate the typical distractions we face. Simply breathe and know that this is normal. As the session progresses sensations will dissipate.
After the 90 minutes is up, the light will fade in, and a bell will play to let you know your time is up. Towels, shampoo, soap, and other amenities are provided for you.

Prior to Floating Tips

  • We recommend comfortable garments that are easy to change in and out of. 
  • We encourage clients to float nude for the greatest experience, each room is private and features its own shower and changing area. Of course, feel free to bring a swimsuit if you prefer.
  • We recommend eating a light meal or snack about an hour ahead of time. A large meal may cause discomfort.
  • We encourage clients to avoid caffeine for at least 90 minutes before floating for the most relaxing experience.
  • Any physical activity prior to your appointment will enhance your overall experience! Your body and mind will be more ready to relax.
  • To get the most benefit do not schedule strenuous activities after your float, so you can linger in your relaxed state.
  • Avoid shaving, tanning, waxings, or anything else that would increase the sensitivity of your skin.

Why commit to 3

Just as with yoga, mediation or any new class it takes time to get the hang of it. You may feel a bit awkward at first but eventually you'll experience the full depth and benefits of floating. You'll also learn what works best for you — the time of day, music & lighting options, etc.

We encourage you to commit to at least 3 float sessions to really open up to the mental, physical, and emotional value of floatation therapy.


Our water is completely recirculated at least 3 times between each float through a 1 or 10 micron particulate filter, and then treated with a combination of a germicidal UV lamp, ozone and hydrogen peroxide. We test our water daily to ensure that your float will be safe and comfortable.

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