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The ultimate in relaxation and healing — a 90 minute floating experience.

What is Floating?

Floating has become a respected health practice, with benefits ranging from pain relief and stress reduction to improved focus.

  • A float tank is essentially a spa tub, holding about 10″ of water, saturated with 1,100lbs of Epsom salt, creating an environment more buoyant than the Dead Sea.
  • Reduced sensory input allows the brain to stop processing, and gives your mind restorative rest.
  • This zero-gravity environment relieves pressure on muscles and joints.
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Zero Gravity, Zero Distractions

With no effort you can relieve pain and stress, enhance athletic performance, and improve sleep. Floatation therapy offers a natural and scientifically researched alternative to relaxation and healing.

  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Enhances concentration and memory
  • Diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
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The Most Powerful Tool for Self-Development

Joe Rogan explains why floating is his most valuable tool in this informative video.

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